Post-Dervish Chant

© Daniel Bierdümpfl
Post-Dervish Chant (Deep Space 8K)

Smirna Kulenovic & TAZ 22, Indiara Di Benedetto
Interactive transdisciplinary performance, 2021

A transdisciplinary performance situated as a contemporary interactive audiovisual and performative research of traditional Dervish dance methods.

The process of repetitive whirling in traditional Dervish dance allows the performers to enter a trance state which extends into an experimental, novel and spontaneous movement vocabulary that attempts to embody the relationship between diffraction, memory and vulnerability in post-pandemic, human and non-human materialities. The interactive, laser-tracking system of Deep Space helps unfold new layers of meaning–allowing for the exploration of psychological representations of the inner personal processes of the performers in real time, as they experience trance-inducing states of mind. The processual employment of dance, movement, vocalization or dance-like movement becomes a form of inquiry, rooted in personal documentary approaches done by each participating artist.


Directed by Smirna Kulenovic (BA) – Director, Art Director, Dervish Dance Method Workshops, Improvisation Choreography
Stage-based Interaction Designer: Indiara Di Benedetto (IT)

Performers: Ariathney Coyne (GR/USA) – Movement Research; Danica Golic (RS) – Contemporary Dance; Daniela Hanelová (CZ) – Movement Research; Anna Jurek (PL) – Contemporary Dance

Musicians: Aron Hollinger (DE) – Composition, Drums; Odysseas Manidakis (GR) – Composition, Laouto; Danial Moazeni (IR) – Composition, Tar; Vahid Qaderi (IR) – Composition, Electronic Audio Design, Audio Manipulation

Production Support: Anton Bruckner Private University