this may be // [GENOVA]

this may be // [site specific for Genova]

Indiara Di Benedetto
video installation, 2021

“This may be” is a research about the use of object-recognition apps and software. It reflects on the functioning of the algorithm behind it, and then analyzes the consequences and scenarios that arise.
In 2021, the artist observes the functioning of these apps in relation to some of the objects in the Museum. Through a video installation between irony and absurdity, “This may be” asks critical questions about the impacts of such technologies within museum contexts, where they are often used as tools for understanding and information.
How are object recognition apps programmed? Is it possible to find biases in a museum context?

The site-specific version of the project this may be has been realized in 2021 for the exhibition “It takes a thousand voices to tell a sigle story” curated by Mixta at Castello d’Albertis in Genoa, Italy.